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~Add items to your cart using the Paypal buttons next to each item, then pay directly and securely through PayPal

~Email me your orders or questions to amanda@redeftshibori.com

~Call me directly to place your order at (716) 308-4756

~Call me directly to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover)

~Purchase items from our other website at Made By Hippies Dot Com

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~Write to me at Red Eft Designs, PO Box 16162, Portland, OR 97292 or order by mail (check or credit card) using our printable order form HERE

~Purchase my work at the following retail locations:

Thin Ice in Buffalo, NY (Clocks, Soap, Jewelry, Polymer Clay)

Impact Artist's Gallery in Buffalo, NY (Shibori Scarves, Jewelry) or Impact's Art Blog

Artistic Soul in Youngstown, NY (Shibori Scarves)

Bowl of Thistles in Portland, OR (Soap, Organic Catnip)

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