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Organic Dried Catnip

Cats Go Berserk! over this awesome homegrown 100% organic catnip. We grow, harvest, dry, and package our own homegrown catnip organically on a small scale to sell you only the best, high-quality catnip that Oregon has to offer. Only leaves and flower buds, no stems. Cat-tested, cat-approved!! Use this loose catnip just as is, or refill your cat's toys with it. One ounce package in sealed ziploc bag with colored label.

Buy some today for your Cat!
$6 for a 1-ounce package

The Catnip Package you will receive...

Closeup of Whole Catnip Leaves

Our Own Private Label of Organic Catnip

(This is Dot, our Norwegian Forest Cat, and she loves it!)

If you would like a larger order of catnip bags, for your cat or for your store,
we do sell them in larger quantities at wholesale prices
~Email me for more information~

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