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Polymer Clay is a contemporary modeling compound made of polymers (PVC & other plastics) that comes in many different colors. Polymer Clay is easily molded, rolled, sliced, and shaped with the hands. I use the clay brand Premo for my creations, mixing my own colors and adding inclusions & surface embellishments. I also use the technique of making "canes"; assembling large patterns and reducing them by stretching, then using slices of the cane to create a repeating pattern in polymer clay. These designs are not painted on! All of my polymer clay creations are sanded multiple times, buffed, and lightly glazed to produce a shiny, smooth, stone-like finish.

In Polymer Clay I create colors, textures and canework patterns which I then combine with metal forms to produce functional mixed media works of art. I offer Polymer Clay Clocks, Pen&Pencil Sets, Letter Openers, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Mini Flashlights, Keychains, Secret Compartment Keychains, Small Tins and Kaleidoscopes.

Polymer Clay Clocks

Polymer Clay Wine Bottle Stoppers

Polymer Clay
Cocktail Fork & Knife Sets

Polymer Clay Desk Accessories

Polymer Clay Magnets

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