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Necklace Scarves are miniature Pleated Shibori Scarves with a clasp on either end like a necklace. They are a unique way to wear a scarf, and are more like fiber jewelry. They are made in the same way as all my other pleated scarves, are 100% silk, hand-dyed and hand-pleated, and must be dry-cleaned to preserve their texture. All findings are sterling silver, except the end-caps, which are silver-plated.

Blue Pleated Necklace Scarf

Blue & White Feather Pleated Silk Shibori Necklace Scarf
Price: $30.00

Gaia Necklace Scarf

Gaia Silk Shibori Necklace Scarf
Price $30.00

Ivory Point Necklace Scarf

Ivory Point Silk Shibori Necklace Scarf
Price: $30.00

Blue Silk Shibori Necklace Scarf

Blue & White Necklace Scarf
Price: $30.00


Necklace Scarf Clasp Detail
Clasp Detail: Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp and Plated End Caps

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