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To see all the newest one-of-a-kind Pleated Shibori Scarves or to buy a scarf please go HERE to my ETSY shop!

Pleated Scarf Variations

There are SO many different ways to pleat and wrap a scarf!
Here is a visual guide to the types of pleated scarves I make and sell...

1) The Straight Pleated 3-panel Scarf

Rainbow 3-panel Shibori Scarf (on left)
Pale Blue 3-panel Shibori Scarf (center)
Tropical 3-panel Shibori Scarf (on right)

2) The Straight Pleated V-point Scarf

Green and Yellow V-point Shibori Scarf (on left)
Pink and White V-point Shibori Scarf (on right)

3) The Feather Pleated Scarf

Grey Feather Pleated Shibori Scarf (on left)
Red and Black Discharge Feather Pleated Shibori Scarf (on right)

4) The Feather Pleated "Boa" Ends Scarf

Dark Purple Shibori Scarf with Boa Ends (on left)
Bright Yellow Shibori Scarf with Boa Ends (on right)

5) The Frill Pleated Scarf

Fuchsia Frill Shibori Scarf

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