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My name is Amanda Diane Shero Granstrom and I am a fiber and jewelry artist working in my studios in both Buffalo, New York and Portland, Oregon. I create unique works of art in many different craft mediums, concentrating on the fiber arts but I also make jewelry, soap and items from polymer clay and glass. My work for purchase is on display at RedEftShibori.Com, a website that is also handmade by me from scratch, just like everything for sale here!

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Artist's Statement

I am a self-taught artist working primarily in fibers, but also in metals, plastics and glass. My work in all mediums focuses on texture, specifically the creation and maintenance of unique textures and shapes. Using fibers, I explore how the texture of one area can affect all other areas and all subsequent layers of a piece. My work is sculptural, organic but abstract, and processual. All textures are executed on the fibers by my hand and every piece is one of a kind. Recently, my work has built on the more traditional Arashi Shibori on silk to include material of different fiber blends as well as new and more complex forms of patterning and sculpture.
Each sculptural scarf begins with a rectangular piece of fabric which is folded, pleated, wrapped, and molded into the desired pattern. The scarf is then dyed through various immersion, painting, overlay or discharging techniques, and steamed to set the color and texture. The pattern of the scarf determines how the dyes can penetrate and interact with the fiber. The full emergence and three-dimensional nature of each unique pattern can only be seen when the scarf is dry and released from the securing ties.


April 2008: Bead & Button Magazine Article "Patchwork Principles" Chainmaille Bracelet
April 2008: Bead & Button Magazine Article "Wire Wrapped Hematite Hourglass Set"
March 2009: Chic & Easy Beading (book) Contributor "Wire Wrapped Hematite Hourglass Bracelet"
Summer 2009: Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine "Bobble Chainmaille Earrings"


The Portland Gift & Accessories Show, Portland OR, 2009
Knox Farm Fiber Festival, East Aurora NY, 2008
Kenan Center 100 American Craftsmen, Lockport NY, 2008
Eden Corn Festival, Eden NY, 2007
Burchfield Art in the Park Festival, West Seneca NY, 2007
Kenan Center 100 American Craftsmen, Lockport NY, 2007
Knox Farm Fiber Festival, East Aurora NY, 2006
Kenan Center 100 American Craftsmen, Lockport NY, 2006
Elmwood Arts Festival, Buffalo NY, 2006
Elmwood Arts Festival, Buffalo NY, 2005

~My work is also available at the following retail locations~

Thin Ice in Buffalo, NY (Clocks, Soap, Jewelry, Polymer Clay)

Impact Artist's Gallery Gift Shop in Buffalo, NY (Shibori Scarves, Jewelry) or Impact's Art Blog

Artistic Soul in Youngstown, NY (Shibori Scarves)

Bowl of Thistles in Portland, OR (Soap, Organic Catnip)

Vending Photos

My original display of scarves, jewelry and polymer clay

My booth at the Elmwood Arts Festival, Buffalo NY, Summer 2005. My first outdoor craft show!

Inside my booth at Elmwood

Erik & I vending our combined efforts in our Tie Dye Booth at the Gresham Farmer's Market, Gresham OR, Summer 2007

Display of my earrings inside our booth at the Four Peaks Music Festival, Bend OR, Summer 2008

My booth at the Knox Farm Fiber Festival, East Aurora NY, Fall 2008

My first venue devoted to Handmade Soap, Knox Farm Fiber Fest 2008

My latest booth design for the 100 American Craftsmen Show 2008

Erik and I at the Portland Gift & Accessories Show to wholesale our handmade shirts

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